Hi, my name is Stuart.
I am a Front End Engineer.

About Me

I am an experienced, versatile front-end engineer with nearly 20 years of commercial experience.

I have gained extensive experience working on diverse projects across various platforms and business sectors, including Finance, Gaming, Agency, Public Sector, Legacy Code Maintenance, and Greenfield POC's.

Always dedicated to the production of clean, reusable and readable code, I started my career working with AS3 and Lua. Now JavaScript is my weapon of choice. Being a TypeScript advocate, I leverage my experience of strongly typed code to full effect.

Specializing in React for over 6 years, I have immersed myself in its associated tech and architecture. Working with Redux, Sagas, Hooks, States, Context etc is my bread-and-butter.

JAMstack is my "jam!". Working extensively with static site generators like Gatsby and Next, I utilise the latest frameworks and platforms like Tailwind, Vercel and Netlify to quickly build fast loading, blogs, shops and landing pages with ease.

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Chasr screenshot


With the “gig” economy gaining increasing strength the need for accessible tools for managing paperwork, calculating tax and chasing clients for payments is stronger than ever. Chasr was an application designed to assist freelancers, monitor their accounts and collect payments covered by income insurance.

Built with React, utilising MUI styled components and hosted on AWS with a .NET backend, this project spanned 12 months and saw myself taking the role of both sole developer and lead over an external team. Designs were supplied by a third party and extensive work was made to make the product fully responsive and accessible.

Future Web Applications screenshot

Future Web Applications

Future Web Applications was an agency specialising in web based products, and applications, located here in the UK. Their ethos was to demystify the web and focus on user centric, accessible content. To emphasise this they wanted a simple and friendly online presence defined by their website.

I produced a number of designs for their site based around the content they supplied and originally opted to build on the Wordpress platform due to the clients familiarity. As usual the design and implementation was fully responsive and special attention was given to SEO.

Me Myself & Ernest screenshot

Me Myself & Ernest

Me Myself & Ernest was born out of a successful Instagram campagne devised by an emerging talented illustrator and cartoonist. The requirement, was to build a simple shopping cart on the Wordpress platform that matched the look, feel and tone of the artists work. The results was this elegant, pastel infused UI that focusses all attention on the content allowing the user to appreciate the products on offer. My role was as both sole developer and designer.


Stuart led the front end development, middleware integration and cloud infrastructure development for a series of highly contentious, security conscious and time sensitive greenfield projects. He delivered high quality solutions and code at all times, always on time. Stuart picked up new technology seamlessly and maintained existing codebases drawing on his vast knowledge of software design principles and patterns. I would jump at any opportunity to collaborate again in the future.

Philip Witherby

Philip Witherby

Lead Software Engineer | Network Rail

Stuart is a dedicated team member who approaches day-to-day challenges with a pragmatic view. He is not afraid to push back against external pressures from management where due and to give honest opinions on ideas whether in agreement or otherwise. His knowledge of Javascript is broad and impressive, he was able to pick up on a very complex codebase with little assistance and take ownership of it. I would recommend Stuart highly.

Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis

Front-end Engineer | VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence

Stuart is a hard working front end developer, and does whatever it takes to deliver. He's a creative individual and brings that creativity into his work with grace and humility. Stuart works well as part of a team, thinking about how a piece of work can be completed as a whole. He has a clear grasp of the difference between iterative and incremental development.

Georgina Hughes

Georgina Hughes

Personal and Business Coach | Agile Ways of Working Specialist | Meeting Facilitator

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